Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dream Signs.

So the Dream journal has a dual-purpose. The first is to develop your ability to remember your dreams. Naturally, this skill is essential if you want to be able to Lucid dream. However, what we're also looking for when keeping the journal is a common thread throughout our dreams. A Dream Sign. Everyone has them, a person, maybe a sibling or old friend, maybe a place or object that continually crops up in your dreams, or even just a common occurence or theme in your dreams. Before even starting the Dream journal I was pretty confident my Dream sign was my brother, and based on my progress so far, it looks like I was right. I won't commit just yet until I'm certain, because the Dream signs will be important later on once we get to Reality Checks.

If you're having trouble with your journal, here's a tip. When you wake up after a dream, lie still at first and try to remember as much of the dream as you can. Diverting your attention, even just by leaning over to pick up a notepad, will cause the dream to start to slip away. Before you move, make sure you have as much of the dream as you can remember before you start to right.

The dream I had last night, by the way, was a 28 days later style zombie apocalypse happening on my street, and me and 3 strangers were desperately trying to get to my house. I got in first, and I accidentally closed and locked the door thinking everybody else was inside, trapping them out. I apparantly found this hilarious, and started looking for my brother to tell him about it, which is about the time I woke up.

Yeah, I don't know either.

So yeah, as I said, my brother shows up a lot in my dreams, but I won't move onto the next stage until I'm certain he's my Dream sign. So I'll stick with the dream journal for the next few days. If you think you know your Dream sign, comment! I've heard of some really obscure and odd ones before.

Until the next post then guys.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

First post, Intro.

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you knew you were dreaming? Maybe you could even control to some extent what happened in the dream? That's called Lucid dreaming, and yes, it is awesome. The problem is, they happen at random, you can't just force them at will. Hell, most nights you don't even remember your dreams, right? Well, that's what I thought too, and pretty much everybody I know. The truth is it's completely possible to become the master of your own dreams, to remember every dream you have, to be fully concious while dreaming and to be in total control of your dreams.

Now that does sound interesting, but then why doesn't everybody do it?

Well, it takes a fair amount of practice, as well as mastery of a few tricks and techniques before you can even begin Lucid dreaming. Which leads us back to this blog. My name is Tom, and this is Day 1 in my journey into becoming a Lucid Dreamer. If you want to follow along with the blog and try to master this incredible skill as well, go ahead, I'll list the techniques and training I'm doing as I go. I've researched a large amount of accounts, guides and even other blogs and come up with a guide of sorts of what seem to be the quickest and most effective ways to train and practice to get to that Holy Grail.

So, the first order of business is to become adept at " Dream Recall ". It's exactly what it sounds like, you have to develop the ability to remeber your dreams. Step 1 is to pick up a notepad and start a "dream journal ". I have to start recording my dreams every night as accurately as possible. To help with this, every night, before sleep, I'll have to recite in my head " I will wake up after every dream I have ". Sounds sketchy, but this is something I tried once before, and it did work probably 50% of the time, which I guess is good enough.

So, this is where I leave off for now. I'll report back in a few days to tell if I made any progress at all. Until then, fingers crossed.